Become more confident, clear and professional when you speak.

Work with me and learn how to craft messages in the way they are heard best, for your small business or team. I work with individuals and teams so that you are never at a loss for words, in any given situation at any time.

Kristy EtlingFinancial Advisor, CRPC

I was blessed to meet Lillian when I needed her skills the most, at a time when I needed to change my work environment and team members. During the first workshop of Lillian's that I attended, the subject of which was how to successfully control emotions in the workplace, Lillian helped me to truly have an astonishing breakthrough moment. Lillian helped me to better understand the actions and intentions of not only my coworkers but also of myself.

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Meet Lillian


I specialize in assisting you with your personal transformation in clearing the charges and blockages that prevent you from articulating your message effectively. Through the Demartini Method you obtain greater clarity, vitality, certainty and poise. Your confidence increases and your presence becomes more powerful.  I can teach you:

  • How to find your voice so you can easily speak your thoughts.
  • How to gain confidence in your speaking so you can sell more.
  • Overcome your fear of rejection.

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I've known Lillian for more than a decade. What I appreciate most (beyond admiring her ability to speak in public and being entertained by her while I learn).

Amelia Case
Chief of Clinical Staff

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