Practice What To Say When You Have Something To Say!

How often do you practice for that meeting with your staff? Or with your boss? Or even with your spouse? Tune in to hear how to practice what to say when you have to say something!

You practice your instrument for the performance. You practice your singing for the concert. You practice your sport for the competition. You practice your lines for the play.

These practices help you to refine your skills in each of these areas. When do you practice your daily speaking?

That’s right! When do you practice speaking? Just because you talk doesn’t mean you are able to articulate what you want to say to someone – especially in a difficult situation or conversation!

Think about this: Let’s say you have to respond to a challenging situation – perhaps to give feedback to a client, a boss, a staff member, a significant other…and as soon as you open your mouth, something falls out! And it isn’t what was in your head!! Of course, an hour later you are brilliant in coming up with the right thing to say!

Three tips to prepare for those crucial times when you have to say something:

1. Imagine the conversation and write down what you want to say. In those critical conversations, you want to speak from certainty to increase your credibility. Choose your words carefully. Consider the meaning of the words you are using and how they come across to the other person. You want to ensure you are using words correctly and appropriately. Think about what you want that person to know.

2. Anticipate what the other person may say, or how they may respond. Even though you can’t control their reaction to you, you can prepare yourself to know what you can say when they speak. So examine the alternatives of what they may say as a result of what you tell them. Put yourself in the place of the other individuals to consider how your words may affect them.

3. Practice saying what you are going to say – practice in the shower, in your car, wherever you might have a few minutes. Think about what you are going to say and how the conversation flows. Review how the conversation unfolds so you are prepared to take it in the direction you anticipate!

The practice of speaking is an art form – it enables you to refine, tune, clarify, and become more adept – you improve with every word.

Preparation and practice enhance your performance. That’s why physicians and attorneys open a practice!

What is your speaking practice? I’d love to help you craft your message so that you are understood in the way you intend!

About the Author Lillian Zarzar

I specialize in assisting you with your personal transformation in clearing the charges and blockages that prevent you from articulating your message effectively. Through the Demartini Method you obtain greater clarity, vitality, certainty and poise. Your confidence increases and your presence becomes more powerful.

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