The A’s of Team Talk

1. Announcement – do you find yourself making announcements of what has to be completed, what projects have to be started, what lists of items need addressing? Interestingly, everyone who listens to these announcements makes comments regarding their implementation, completion, and evaluation. It seems as though everyone has ideas of how things are to unfold. There are typically plenty of comments about the announcements.

2. Agreement – do you observe that each member of your team agrees the project must be completed, or that it needs to start, or an update is required? Everyone sits around nodding and stating “oh, yes, I agree with what you said” or “I agree, this really needs to be done.” So now you have agreement of the projects. That, simply said, is an indication everyone is on the same page, so to speak.

3. Assumption – do you notice that you assume because the announcements were made and the agreement was clear, someone was going to step in and carry on the project?! Typically you tend to surmise that because the team recognizes what has to be done and you hear them agreeing with you that the next step is implementation.

No, just because everyone Agrees you can’t Assume a project will be done! Just as when the parent announces that the trash needs to go out, or the dishes need to be done, there is agreement – “Oh, yes, you’re right…!” Does anyone step up to the plate?? Does any one follow through? Typically not, because no one is Asked!

4. Assignment – do you realize that unless you ask someone specifically the project won’t move forward? Ask a specific individuals to make it their responsibility! Give each member a chance to volunteer because if a person has an interest in the project, it will more likely be completed. If no volunteer, assign the task! Say “I have a request…” or “I’m asking you to take this on”, or “I need this by…” Be specific what is to be done and when.

5. Accountability – do you hold the team accountable whether in expectation of time or process, strategy or implementation? You assume staff members take initiative; however, in actuality, if they are not asked, the understanding is that someone else steps in to complete the task! Each waits for the other to take it on since each has so much work load.

Remember, Announce what has to be done, obtain Agreement, Avoid Assuming someone takes on the task, so you Assign the task by Asking and hold the person Accountable!

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