The Power of Because

This is a simple, yet important tool. When you make a request of someone there is value in identifying the “why” you are asking…which comes in the form of “because.”

The word “because” originates from Middle English from the phrase “by cause that” and the first known use of this word was in the 14th century!

When individuals can make sense of something, they are more apt to cooperate. There is a greater likelihood of compliance because the reason is clarified up front!

“Because” is considered a conjunction; therefore, to use it properly, you connect two thoughts – one independent and one dependent – to get your point across.

For example: You are the perfect person to lead this project because of your excellent leadership skills.

The independent sentence that can stand alone is “You are the perfect person to lead this project,” and the dependent phrase is “your leadership skills.” The word “because” connects the two and creates the understanding of why, which increases the likelihood of agreement.

Here are a few examples you can use that can be tweaked within the context of what you desire (notice the use of the word “you” as opposed to the “I” wanting something):

  • because of your attention to detail
  • because you are enthusiastic
  • because you are thorough
  • because you can be counted on
  • because of the talent you bring to the table
  • because you communicate effectively
  • because you take initiative
  • because you are a team player
  • because you make things happen
  • because you have a balanced approach
  • because of your credibility
  • because you exhibit integrity
  • because your values are in alignment with ours
  • because your input is important and valued
  • because you stay on budget
  • because your work is consistently on time
  • because you have leadership qualities
  • because your approach is convincing
  • because of your continued success
  • because of your sales record
  • because you inspire others
  • because you are being promoted
  • because you get results
  • because of your expertise
  • because you have experience in this area
  • because of your positio

When you indicate either a benefit or a trait that is of value to the person being asked, and you connect it to your request for action, the other person feels appreciated. As a result, the contribution to the team, family, group, organization, or community is enhanced.

Since “because” is a conjunction, it is typically used in the middle of the sentence to connect the thoughts. It can, however be used to begin a sentence when you have two independent thoughts that can stand alone – and the “because” in the beginning is used for emphasis:

Because the more practice you have in asking for what you want, the more likely you will get what you ask for!

I can assist in helping you script your statements so you can observe how the responses to you change by using the power of “because.”

About the Author Lillian Zarzar

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