Meet Lillian

Your Personal Wordsmith

I specialize in assisting you with your personal transformation in clearing the charges and blockages that prevent you from articulating your message effectively. Through the Demartini Method you obtain greater clarity, vitality, certainty and poise. Your confidence increases and your presence becomes more powerful.

As a result, at work you develop more effective relationships, stronger teams and increased productivity.
Whether you are:

  • overcoming your fear of public speaking
  • desiring to evolve into a better leader or team player
  • developing core competencies of effective management, or
  • seeking to enhance your self-awareness and application of your skills…
    our partnership yields results!

You obtain the tools to craft your message, whether in a conversation or a board meeting, so you can connect more easily with others…and be understood in the way you intend.

Your relationships deepen, your understanding broadens. You appreciate your family and friends, colleagues and company, because you develop appreciation and increase acceptance of yourself.

The bard said, “All the world’s a stage and men and women players in it.”
As your personal wordsmith, I help you recognize your roles and learn your lines!

Expert educator: presentation skills – the art of crafting and delivering your message
Expert facilitator: interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship development
Expert trainer: small group communication skills management
Expert conductor: strategic communication inquiry