Words of Wisdom

All the World is a Stage
As the Bard said, All the world's a stage and we are players in it! Each of us has a[...]
The Power of Because
This is a simple, yet important tool. When you make a request of someone there is value in identifying the[...]
One Day at a Time
Dramatic events and life-changing situations that happen create in everyone a sense of humility. After Hurricane Katrina – after the[...]
Take the First Step
Dreaming about what you would love to have in your life happens every day. Your dreams don't leave you. They[...]
Seamless Art
Based on the Webster Dictionary, integration is identified as β€œto bring parts together into a whole; to remove barriers.” The[...]
Gold Medal Moments
Have you watched Olympians obtain the gold medal then kiss it? That gesture is considered the epitome of winning. Every[...]